Month: July 2014

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This might be the most important series of blog posts I ever write. I’m going to go through, in detail: What goals are; why they’re so effective; how to set them; and how to work through them.

I realised a little while ago that almost every post I want to write in the future in some way references or relates back to goals. I felt it was vital to get this series out so that it’s there as a foundation for everything else I want to say.

Overdrive Distortion

Beginner’s Guide to Overdrive and Distortion

Overdrive and Distortion are some of the most common effects used on electric guitar, and most associated with the instrument. The history and development of Overdrive has gone hand in hand with the history and development of electric guitar sounds. This post is aimed to give the beginner or novice guitarist a general understanding of what these sounds are.

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