Month: August 2014

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This is the second post in my series about goals. If you haven’t read it already, make sure you are familiar with my introduction to goals.

Let’s take a look at what I mean by a goal in this context. I’m talking about a specific thing that you want to achieve. It should be a big thing. Something like ‘Own a House’, ‘Find Love’, ‘Earn more than £100k’, ‘Become a Published Author’, ‘Write a Top 10 Record’, etc.

The Best Overdrive and Distortion Pedals for Beginners

In the next three posts I’m going to give you my recommendation for the best crunch, overdrive and distortion pedals for Beginners (see my earlier post on the different types of distortion if you haven’t already). If you’re just starting out guitar and you want to start experimenting with the various flavours of distortion and overdrive these pedals are a good place to start.

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