Understanding Amplifier Loudness

Understanding Amplifier Loudness

In a previous post on what size amp you need for different gig sizes I mentioned a few technical details about amplifier loudness. In this post I’m going explain these to help you make informed decisions about amplifiers. Your amp is half of your instrument so it’s important to know it as well as you know your guitar.

Stick Men Conversation Networking

Networking for Musicians

If you want any kind of public success as a musician, you’re not going to do it on your own. You’re going to need other people. In order to meet and get to know these people you’re going to need to ‘network’. Networking is a horrible term, but this post will break it down and show that it’s not really as bad as it sounds.

Metronome Beats Review

Free Metronome App Review: Metronome Beats

The humble metronome could be excused for feeling a little hard done by. In this world where musicians will scrutinise everything down to the brand of string, plectrum, cable and connector they use, very little is written about the choice of metronome. In a modest attempt to address this I’m going to review my favourite free metronome app – Metronome Beats by Stonekick.

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