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Learn Music Faster – Take Notes

This ‘Learn Music Faster’ series of posts highlights things my best students do that contributes towards their success. There are no secret formulae or magic tricks. Learning to play well still requires hard work, dedication and above all, practice. However, my students who do these things seem to improve quicker than the others.

Take Notes


I’m amazed at the number of students who don’t bring a notepad to lessons and make notes. Even in a half hour music lesson it’s possible to cover an enormous amount of material. The chances of retaining even half of that if you don’t make some notes is very slim.

Also, there is something very powerful about taking a new idea you have just learned, translating it into your own words and writing it down. This reinforces it in your mind far more than just passively listening.

If you also read through your notes every few weeks to refresh the concepts then they will become even more embedded.

I’m not saying you should be writing constantly during a music lesson, but every now and again, when you cover a new topic or a particularly important idea, jot it down in a notebook so you can remind yourself of it later.


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