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Welcome to the Matt Helm Music Blog

Undoubtedly it’s it’s customary to welcome everyone to my Blog… so welcome!


What’s it all about?

My aim with this Blog is to write about music making topics that pop in to my head from time to time. They usually appear to distract me while I’m trying to practice. I’ve already got a long list of subjects I’d like to cover. At the moment they break down in to a few broad categories:

  • Effective Practice Methods
  • Band Advice and Band Relationships
  • Music Related Product Reviews
  • My Approach to Music
  • Music and Marketing

Undoubtedly there will be others in time. These are just things I think about a lot. I hope others might benefit from reading my opinion.


What this is not

This is not a ‘How to Play Guitar’ blog. There are other people who’ve already done that as well as I could do it. If you’re looking for that I’d recommend¬† I’m planning to write on quite narrow, specific areas that I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. In doing so I hope to provide advice that will be valuable to musician above and beyond the mechanics of playing a given instrument.

This is also not a way for me to make money. I don’t intend to ‘monetize’ this Blog, now or ever. It’s a way for me to put ‘out there’ stuff that I think might be useful.


How often?

We all start out with the best of intentions don’t we? I’m going to try to post something new once a week. Maybe more if I have something particularly urgent I want to say, but probably not.


Wrapping up…

If any of that sounds at all interesting to you then please subscribe to the Blog via email or RSS using the links in the sidebar on the right hand side.

And finally, this isn’t a one way thing. Please feel free to comment and interact on here. Feel free to share the content far and wide if you think it’s worth it. I’m doing this to enable more people to get more enjoyment out of making music. The more people you share it with the more that will happen.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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