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Learn Music Faster – Have a Sense of Humour

This ‘Learn Music Faster’ series of posts highlights things my best students do that contributes towards their success. There are no secret formulae or magic tricks. Learning to play well still requires hard work, dedication and above all, practice. However, my students who do these things seem to improve quicker than the others.


Have a sense of humour


This is music. It’s meant to be fun, right? Yes, we have to be disciplined and take it seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh along the way.

The students I have who maintain a sense of humour through lessons tend to be the ones who progress fastest. I don’t entirely know why this is, bit it’s true. So if you can, take a light hearted approach to your learning too.

It’s particularly useful to keep a sense of humour about mistakes you might make and difficult aspects of playing that you are working on. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them or not work on them. Just that when you do, inevitably, make a mistake it’s going to be better for your sanity if you laugh rather than getting angry or depressed. Smile, take a breath, then get on with fixing it. Practice will be a lot more fun that way.


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